A Team Driven by Values: What You Can Expect When Joining Superformula

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At Superformula, our values not only guide our work, but also our approach to building a team who feels included and welcomed from day one. The values embedded in our everyday are:

  • Execute with passion
  • Embody creativity
  • Educate your collaborators
  • Come together as one team

When you apply our values to our work, they have an impact and make a big difference
-Will Prater

As Superformula Founder and President, Will has put a lot of thought and energy into building a high-caliber team who embraces these values as their own.

Execute with passion

Superformula was founded on Will’s passion for engineering and people. And we have the culture we do today because of every team members’ love for design, engineering and technology.

“People are driven to see what they’re capable of, what the tools can achieve, what needles can be moved,” said Aaron Buchanan, Technical Product Leader.

One of Aaron’s projects included transforming a legacy software system for a large hospitality group to a constantly changing mobile app. The speed at which new versions are now released, and the ease of booking for guests, has made a once cumbersome process both flexible and adaptable, resulting in double digit gains for the client.

We empowered individual teams to figure out how to test, learn, adapt and double down when they found things that worked really well.
-Aaron Buchanan

Stepping up and succeeding

Jimmy Walker, Design Director, began his tenure at Superformula in a completely different role then where he is now. After just a short time on the team, he stepped into a new role to help solve a client’s staffing gap at the time.

“I was put into a Design Director role. It was sort of an interim solution,” Jimmy said. “It ended up being about 10 months of me in that role until they found the replacement.” The client eventually hired someone for their internal role, but loved Jimmy’s contribution so much they decided to keep him on as Design Director.

Something similar happened when Patrick found himself actively filling in for teammates who had to step away.

“We had a few developers have personal things come up and they needed to step away from their roles,” said Patrick. “In their absence, I looked to see what sort of voids I could help fill. And so over time I saw myself naturally collaborating with other teams, reaching out to see where they’re at with their promises and their feature timelines.”

Jimmy and Patrick’s experiences aren’t a novelty. “I know at least 15 people at the company who’ve done something like this,” said Jimmy. “They’re hired for one thing and then there’s a gap they fill where they succeed. It’s common at Superformula for that to happen.”

In it for the long game

For Jimmy, the transition worked out and he found a real attachment to surprising aspects of the new job. “What I like about my role at Superformula is I get to play that player/coach role, and even more so recently the coaching role.”

There are tradeoffs stepping into a bigger role, but Jimmy thinks it has ultimately worked out. “I miss all the design work I used to do,” he said. “But what I do like is the interaction with my team members and being able to support them and be their evangelists to product teams.”

“I was ecstatic,” said Patrick of his transition to his stretch role. “In the last, almost, four years at Superformula, I’ve been able to learn a lot, grow on the job and just overall become more immersed in this industry.”

He adds that overall, ”I felt like it was a great career opportunity for me to take on and it’s going great.”

Educate your collaborator

Speaking of collaboration—we’re also passionate about educating ourselves and our partners so we grow together.

As new design team members join, they’re given a 90-day onboarding plan to help them learn their role and get a feel for the team. “We like to ease our team members in,” said Jimmy. “Because once you get to that 90 days there’s an expectation that you’ll be a fully functioning member of the team, while having our support.”

Come together as one team

This level of camaraderie and connection at Superformula is embedded in how we work everyday. From informal support to more structured mentoring, we’re focused on growing teams that contribute their best.

One program—SF Advocates—pairs team members together to create relationships across project teams, giving peers someone to check in with, and learn from, on a regular basis. Patrick is an advocate for another developer and it’s been a highlight of his Superformula experience. “I’ve seen him take on more responsibility than we initially planned for him,” said Patrick. “The client stakeholders specifically called out what an awesome job he’s doing. It’s refreshing to see someone work so hard and have all that success.”

If you ask Aaron, he’s also in it for the connection. “I found a community, really. There’s a like mindedness and an aggressiveness in pursuing ideas together.”

Product Manager Andrea Chaves is here to stay, “I don’t even want to look at anything else because I really enjoy the people. I really enjoy the work, and I really like what we’re doing.”

Are you ready to match your values with ours? Let’s work together.

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